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Animation by me \o/

♬ Birthday: September 4
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Heyyo \o/ I'm a young chinese artist who loves to draw anime. I'm really shy when meeting new people, but I also really love making friends! So feel free to drop a comment saying "Hi" B)

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Copyright ~ image by OtomeNishiki


“You stole ________’s style.”
“This reminds me of _______’s style.”
“You’re copying.”

No, You can not “copy” a style because no one “owns” a style.

:bulletred: WE ALL START OUT SOMEWHERE :bulletred:
Do you believe that all artists are simply born with natural talent? That, without looking at another piece of art their own life, they are able to produce master pieces?
Of course not. They have to learn. They learn from artists in the past. They have teachers. They study other people’s artworks.
That’s how life works. You have to learn from somebody to get somewhere.
If no one is willing to share what they know or learn from others, we can't make advances in anything. (ie. the medical field)
One can not simply wake up one morning and produce a masterpiece. They have to learn, practice and look for inspirations.
Unless you are some sort of feral child that grew up never exposed to anime and then figured out how to draw anime, or whatever, in the style that you prefer all by yourself from scratch… then please…
Don’t complain about other people drawing like you or stealing your style.
Even the most famous artist is inspired by someone out there. TRUST ME, they didn't create anime.
How can someone “own” their style when it's just a mishmash and alteration of some artwork they saw at one time? One little change on top of another might result in a totally different product, but how do you get there if you are not even given the base?
How can you say “You stole A‘s style” when A draws exactly like B? And B learned how to draw by looking at C's art. And C's style is strongly influenced by D?
Does someone deserve to own their style just because they are popular?
What is consider a style? Is it a common feature? The same palette? The same techniques?
If you are going to be immature as to accuse someone of copying a way of drawing, you might as well go out and accuse people of copying the way they walk or the way they talk.

:bulletred: COPYING THROUGHOUT HISTORY :bulletred:
Well, oil painting all consist of using oil paint on a canvas. Many of them look alike. Is that “copying a style”?
How about anime? Don’t they all have big eyes? So is all art with consistent big eyes considered “copied” from the first goddamn person that drew anime?
"You are copying how I draw anime." How ridiculous does that sound?
If you look back to history and all the famous eras, did they all copy each other?
“I wonder if they all turned to each other and yelled “COPY” too.” (Officially my favorite Pewdiepie quote)
You can’t even tell whether some of them are by the same artist. And it is a fact that many famous artists learn from one another. So why isn't that “copying”?
Cave paintings
Byzantine art
Impressionist art
Northern Renaissance
Italian Renaissance
Mannerist art
Greek Architecture
Roman Architecture
Gothic Architecture

:bulletred: CREDITING ART STYLES :bulletred:
Is a person who raps copying a style of singing?
Is a person uploading a ranting video to youtube copying the first person that started doing so?
Is a person copying another person if their cake recipes are similar?
Is a street dancer just copying moves from other street dancers?
So now, what if you are inspired by 3 different people and their styles are nearly identical.
Who did you copy? The first person that inspired you? The one that inspired you the most? The art style that yours look more a like to? Do you need to credit all three of them for inspiring you? How are you sure that all three of them didn't "copy" each other? What if you were inspired by one’s colouring, another’s brush stokes and another’s format. Does that form a style that you “own” if you simply place together parts of other people’s style?
So if I were to "credit" them for the style, am I suppose to make a list? What if I admire a hundred artists, are they are going on the list of my credits? How do you keep track of things that unconsciously inspire you without your knowledge?
How can an artist pinpoint their inspirations?
What if they pass by a piece of art one day while riding the bus home and started drawing like it?
What if you are unconsciously inspired by an piece of art?
What if you unconsciously started drawing like someone without looking?
Then are you copying them?

:bulletred: THE RIGHT TO DRAW WHAT YOU LIKE :bulletred:
What if one person draws like someone else naturally? Are you going to make them change their style because they didn't start drawing in that “style” first?
Doesn't an artist have every right to draw like THIS or draw like THAT if it makes them happy? Don’t they have every right to draw what they want? Who’s to limit what they create?
(Note that I don't even consider "tracing" art. So if you enjoy tracing, go ahead. But you are not drawing or producing art.)
So if this artist draws like another in secret, are they still wrong? Is it only wrong when the post it?
What if this certain artist takes a certain style and added their own flavors to it, where the evidence of the original “style” is still very visible, are they “copying?
If that isn't, then is it ok if everything I draw looks like person X but my palette is different, is that my “style” now?

Copying is when someone draws an exact replica of the original drawing and the art strokes matches up nearly line by line. Not when they have the same methods of drawing.
In fact, when one learns how to do pencil sketching, all you do is copy because that’s part of learning the fundamental techniques of any type of art.
So sure, if someone traces or draws an exact replica where 95% of the lines line up, that is consider copying.
But seriously, if I shade like X or is my shoes eyes are like X, it’s not COPYING!

So before you decide to attack a new artist for drawing like someone famous.
Before you decide it's a good idea to suck up and go along with an artist's accusation of someone copying them.
Before you comment “You stole ________’s style.” , “This reminds me of _______’s style.” or “You’re copying.”.
And before you try to sound smart by criticize everything I just typed without reading the entire thing and processing it with your brain,
note that this is completely my own opinion and I have no intention of persuading you. And I don't care the least if your still very opinionated and against this.
So comments going against the points I made above or comments personally directed at me will be pretty much pointless.
And note that this is a very sensitive topic for a lot of artists so if you with to have an argument against this, feel free to post your own journal with your own opinions. If you did already, good for you!
And if you really want to pick a fight with me THAT MUCH cornering this topic... I'm going to turn ugly and I won't hold back.

Written by :iconyoi-kun:



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